What is Hot Mud?

Hot (HAHT) adj. Very warm.

Mud (MUD) n. Wet, sticky earth.

Hot Mud (HAHT MUD) n. Wet, sticky earth formed, then made very warm in a kiln.

Hot Mud Studio (HAHT MUD STOO-dee-oh) n.

  1. A place where artists form wet, sticky earth and make it very warm in a kiln.
  2. A teaching pottery studio in Hastings-on-Hudson and then Dobbs Ferry, NY. Founded on the auspicious date of 9-9-99, by Susan Whelan, it was turned over to capable hands in 2004 and became Pottery-on-Hudson.
  3. Currently a basement studio on Washington Avenue in Kingston, NY, where Susan Whelan forms beautiful things out of wet, sticky earth and makes them very, very hot in an electric kiln.