Tile Tree

In 2001, Hot Mud Studio students with Susan Whelan and Kathy Wells created a tile mural of a tree. Susan designed and made the center tree. The students made the border tiles. The only criteria was that it had to be a critter. It’s these border tiles that make this tree magical. They include pincher bugs, unicorns, frogs, pigs, head lice, bats, and more!

Unfortunately, through some miscalculations, the wall wouldn’t stand in the studio at 2 Washington Avenue in Hastings-on-Hudson. So we moved the studio around the corner to Warburton Ave. A summer long renovation of that space gave us a greatly improved studio with a place of honor for the wall. On January 2nd of 2002, there was a horrific fire in that block of old buildings and most all was lost. We managed to save the tree.

It moved on to Hot Mud’s new location at 145 Palisades Street in Dobbs Ferry. In 2004, it moved into our new home in Kingston, NY.  It brings us continued pleasure and has many admirers!